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incredible pictures as an entire neighboood bursts into flames. the california gas line explosion caught on several surveillance cameras. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> it's "fox and friends." >> welcome aboard, folks. brian, it's election day in new york. did you find a vote yet? the poll's been open 12 seconds. >> i apologize, steve. i decided to come to work. i decided after the show, show, before the show, show, there's no audience. i'm at my best. am i the star before the show, show today? >> oh, that, i see. we're all out here relatively early. >> up to speed today. >> i was busy because, brian, moments ago tropical storm julia
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was upgraded to a hurricane. the storm ahead of julia which as you can see is hurricane igor is also going by at the moment. take a look at this incredible video, how big the storm is. too early to know if and when igor will make land fall but it should make a turn by the weekend perhaps towards bermuda. >> we'll keep a close eye on that, no pun intended, right? hadn't thought about that in a while. meantime it's primary day in seven states today and washington d.c. key races will influence the tea party ties. joining us now with a preview from washington is our own kellie wright. good morning, kellie. >> good morning, gretchen. primary season, today is the day voters will continue to determine contending november 49 days away. let's continue with the drama
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unfolding in delaware where three weeks ago it looked like republican congressman and former governor mike castle would be the easy favorite to vie for the senate seat in november but now castle may find himself outdone by christine o'donnell backed by the tea party express which has a $220,000 out of state ad to help the unknown gain over popular castle. even palin recorded call and supported radio ads for o'donnell. >> there's a wave, a tidal wave coming to delaware. we're riding it, my opponent is drowning in it. >> the tea party influence is palpable in the state where joe biden served as senator for 36 years. the tea party labelled castle as a rhino. now a virtual tie. o'donnell is not without her own problems. she's undergone some personal
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financial issues. >> she has a lot of strikes against her, more than three against her with respect to her finances. and if you translate that into making it part of the government concerned, i think it will be very problem mat cal. >> another state closery watched, new hampshire. another palin-backed candidate expected to win in new hampshire. state attorney general kellie ayotte. a real test for the tea party movement but less than two months to go before the november mid-terms. >> people check back in. now the rest of your headlines, connecticut senate race looking more like a tag team wrestling match. we learned president obama stepping into the ring. richard blumenthal there. a slight lead despite he lied
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about serving this country in vietnam. >> incredible new surveillance video, that massive gas explosion and fireball in california. it was all caught on a surveillance camera at a gas station. check this out. investigators trying to figure out what caused that blast. they're looking at weakness and pipe construction. gas company pg&e set up a $100 million fund for the victims. people whose homes were decimated will get $50,000 right away. the family of detained american hiker sarah shore said they can't afford to pay $500,000 for her release. they're asking to lower or drop the bail amount. she's been suffering from health problems. right now iran has no plans to release the other two hikers, one of them her fiancee. and those are your headlines. i think it's so weird because, come on, if iran believes these americans are spies they wouldn't release them for any
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amount of dough. it's so ridiculous. >> i never heard of a company wanting bail money. >> extortion plain and simple. let's talk about what's going on down at the mosque. no firm decision whether or not they're going to build it because they don't have the money, the $100 million and stuff like that. eshowed you the imam yesterday, up at the council for foreign relations on the east side of manhattan. >> there's the imam. one thing he said, the mosque site is not a holy site. for people to say that's sacred ground, that's baloney. there's strip joints, betting parlors. to say this is special, that's not true. now we're learning about the guy's associate. what we're learning not so good. >> one of those guys apparently is a 9/11 truther. remember, those are people who believe it was an inside job by the u.s. government. remember van jones, he was president obama's pick to be the
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green czar. the fact that he was alleged truther brought him down from that position amongst other things. so what will happen now to fiaz can. here's what he said back in 2006. >> i've been involved in the 9/11 truth movement since september 12th, 2001. we're all saying this explanation is completely false. it was some form of inside job. we all agree with that. >> can we? just absolutely incredible. one of his he guys like his wife daisy khan but you have him associated with the imam. extremists on both sides, extremists that don't want the mosque killed and extremists that want us all dead. still has a problem with his
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past that says americans have muslim blood on their hands. you remember those statements. when he talks about the mosque not labeled as a terrorist organization. he used this term. we must not let extremists hijack the discourse. nice words. hijack the discourse, the council of foreign relations. >> someone who grabbed some headlines was the president a couple weeks ago. what was a land issue he nationalized it saying they have the right to build there. i wasn't talking about whether or not it was wise to do anything down there. what does the president do next? does he comment? brit hume on o'reilly. watch. >> here comes another story that suggests there may be other stores yet to be written by him and his association. it will force every politician including the president.
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he's not going to say he's for it. >> the president is not going to say anything. the last time he said something, it ended up looking like a flip-flop. the imam kind of doesn't agree with his own comments himself. after he gave those comments at the council for relations he came out and said he was still exploring all options. which one is it? you want us to build the mosque there or you don't. his wife was questioned by reporters and she said we're still exploring all options. the whole thing remains somewhat still in the air. a new book out and you just saw the clip from his show, pin heads and patriots. joining us in about 20 minutes. >> the most important thing to emerge yesterday is the imam may be looking to delay the project. a delay could be out there. going to consult everybody
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involved. let's talk about delaying the exploration of the tax cuts that president bush put in place. they're supposed to go up january 1st. the president of the states does not believe those making $250,000 deserve the tax breaks in place the last eight years. when john boehner backed off and said if the president's going to leave them in place for the middle and lower class, i'm not gonna hold it up. you would think other republicans would get in line. not so fast, john boehner. >> i didn't think republicans would get in line. the minute a lot of people heard that they said uh-oh, there are republicans upset with john boehner for apparently giving into the fight before there actually was a fight. one of those was senator majority mitch mcconnell. he also is a republican. he has more leverage. more republicans in the senate than there are in the house where boehner's sitting. mcconnell issued this saying no can do. i'm going to fight the president
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tooth and nail. >> we can't let the people who have been hit the hardest by this recession and who need to create the jobs that will get us out of it foot the bill for the democrats' two-year adventure in expanded government. we can't law america's job cr creators to pay for out of control spending than we can allow paying for wall street. wall street should pay pore its own excesses. so should administration and democratic leaders in washington. >> he was making it clear yesterday that the republicans would block income tax hikes on any americans and essentially just daring democrats in the white house. we'll just double dog dare you. you just go ahead and try to raise taxes on some americans. we won't let you. >> but it's not just mcconnell. senator webb indicated he's not allowing those to expire. you have to wonder who else is gonna get in line including
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possibly exiting senator evan bayh. >> this is not great news for the republicans. you remember how the democratic national committee walls coming out for ads with john boehner. probably have to change those because it looked like he was ready to make a compromise with obviously. now looks like infighting in the republican party on this exact issue. i don't know if they're john boehner's words. i think he believes he's fighting for tax cuts for everyone. it looks as if the republicans -- >> it looks like democrats are on the same page, too. that shows that when the president comes out and tries to marginalize john boehner or mitch mcconnell, he has to get his own house in order as well. >> sure. outgoing senator from indiana, evan bayh -- i was stunned by this. >> stunning indeed. he sat with katie couric and had a little interview with her. he's been a moderate and
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independent guy. he's going to get out. on the way out he did a little slamming of the president's advisers. listen to this. >> i think his advisers are very idealistic people and things they want do 50 or 60 years in the waiting. that's a good thing. but maybe they tried to deal rather than playing the hands of the cards they were dealt, they wanted to play the cards they wished they'd been dealt. >> listen to the american people. unpopular paying the price to kevin bye. >> remember when he said running for re-election, nothing to do with wanting to be president. >> i wonder if it's the start of his campaign for president. >> he said when asked midterm, likely to be democrats, byed say unfortunately, yes. gives us something to talk about every day. thanks for joining us on this tuesday. >> gridlock i guess in one
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respect. largest bankruptcy claim in american history but after two years lehman brothers collapse have we learned anything? has anything changed? a former trader lehman brothers, best selling author of the inside story will tell us next. >> when you call 9-1-1, this isn't what you want on the other end of the line? the dispatcher snoring and sleeping and taking a break. uh-oh. ♪
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today new york congressman charlie rangel facing more than exthick violations, facing five challengers as he tries to hold on to his seat. it's a big day for charlry rangel. what does it look like for him? >> big day. line of harlem, so-called line of harlem, victory he's so
6:17 am
easily done or will he go out with a whimper. he has those 13 alleged equity thicks violations hanging over his head. this has been a closely watched race here in new york and nationally. the coverage extensive. outside of pf-175. the polls just open. charlie rangel expected to be here to cast his ballot at 7:30. adam clayton powell the 4th whose father rangeled him four years ago as a candidate. certainly this is going to be i guess you could say judgment day for long-time congressman charlie rangel here in new york. >> in harlem, today in new york. thanks for that update.
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brian, let's head over to you. two years ago today, hank paulson told lehman brothers the federal government would not bail them out, they were done. next day lehman brothers collapsed and that was the largest collapse in history. it launched the too big to fail policy leaving taxpayers to foot the bill for bank bailouts all across the world. has anything changed? now the author of a best selling back, a colossal failure. after you launched in paper back and now looking back two years today. what do you now know that you didn't? >> what's very clear is i think the american people have been lied to. >> why? >> they were told two years ago that aig had the collateral to justify saving it. in other words, they said they could loan money to aig and that the people, the american people would get it back. to this day the american people
6:19 am
are still owed $120 billion. last week mr. bernanke said to our country that the reason they saved aig and not lehman is that aig had the collateral to justify saving it. that's not true. >> you believe hank paulson allowed them to pass tarp. >> they flat lined. needed to bail out a bunch of banks at once. they put a bullet right in the forehead, execution, they did it to scare congress and two weeks later the dow dropped 2,000 points and that tarp is passed. >> you were staring at this right before the segment. you talked about where the dow was and where it is now. you can't say i despise the bailouts but i despise the fact that lehman failed. we have both examples, both basically bad. >> i'm a lifelong republican, i despise bailouts.
6:20 am
but it makes no sense to let lehman fail and bail out everyone afterwards because the lehman failure made the aig bailout double, maybe five times more expensive and made the g.m. and chrysler bailouts much more expensive. it was like schizophrenia. >> it's so complex, your book really reads where i can understand it as a noneconomist wall street guy, still putting the pieces back together. bottom problem, people still don't have jobs. are you okay. >> i'm fine. but a lot of us are hurt by this bank failing. >> a lot of people still being hurt. thnks for joining us. looking back in two years. the reporter claimed she was harassed for being too pretty. what she says now. for strong bones, i take calcium.
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♪ the debate over shira law many america may be heating up after these comments about the strictest form of islam yesterday. >> so 90 percent of sharia law is only compactible, consistent or compactible with american constitutional law and american laws. the differences are small and minor. >> so is the american constitution and sharia law compatible in. >> this is preposterous on its
6:25 am
face. sharia is the law of saab and iran and somalia and sudan. and anybody who thinks knowing even a little bit about how women are treated there, how people who leave the states are treated there, people who are homosexuals are treated there can possibly say this is consistent with the way they're treated here is obviously either ignorant, which seems very unlikely, or he's engaged in what they called under sharia. we shouldn't and i believe we shouldn't allow him to promote this sharia program inside the united states either. >> it's real interesting. i just returned from egypt and i asked that very question of our highly educated guy. one question, i said please help me understand why it's sharia law and i got a 15-minute
6:26 am
dissertation why they believe when you steal, you cut off your hand. when you kill somebody, we murder you. seems pretty different than the life i've had growing up in america. >> it's kind of different from the constitution of the united states. it's kind of different from the freedoms that we enjoy here. we have a major study coming out tomorrow. really going to rip the mask off people engaging in what i think is best described what they call civilization jihad. kind of a stealth effort to bring about a triumph of this sharia program in america. you see it at tomorrow. this is the time to get clear what he's doing is promoting the insinuation into this country of something that is absolutely an at the time cal to our
6:27 am
constitution to our freedoms, form of government, our way of life. >> and quickly, frank, here's the problem with it. we asked our brain room here at "fox news" which is our research department to quantify whether or not that's true. is sharia compatible with u.s. constitution. unfortunately not one that can be backchecked. and maybe that's why they can throw out a number like that. it can't be fact-checked. >> let's say for the purpose of discussion that 90% is come compliant. it requires homosexuals to be killed and so on. that means it's not compliant with our system or government. >> a great point to end it with.
6:28 am
frank gaffny, thank you for your thoughts today. the stunning number of americans not happy with anything congress has done. and do you want your safety in this man's hands? uh-oh, it's an emergency dispatcher sleeping on the job. but first happy birthday to amy winehouse. the british singer turns 27 today. ♪
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♪ >> today a $6 billion arms deal with saudi arabia, biggest in our history, we sell saudi arabia f-15 fighter jets and black hawk helicopters and other weapons that will one day be used against us. planning ahead, thinking ahead, yes. that's a good point. >> if it weren't so funny, right? >> part of the thing with the jets, i think they stop working in a certain amount of time, like three years. >> just stop working. >> stop working. need us to keep it going. >> you make it sound like a taxi cab, it's got a meter in it. >> you need a new one, you gotta come back to us. congratulations, $60 billion of that stuff, you got three years. >> headline, today the president heads to philadelphia to make his second back-to-school speech this year. remember how well it went last
6:33 am
year. (laughter) >> this isn't about politics just urging the future leader to dream big. the texas speech was actually released ahead of time to teachers around the union so school administrators could review it and decide to air it in classrooms across the county. >> the administration considering criminal charges against al-awlaki if he's found alive. the massacre at fort hood that left 13 people dead. last month there was a report that the c.i.a. was ordered to kill him. then the aclu filed awe lawsuit to block that order. >> so we can't kill him? >> who knows. >> i think the criminal charters will really help. the jets took the field to the season opener and so did ian sanes. the mexican tv reporter who says
6:34 am
she was harassed in the jets' locker room by players and coaches took to the side lines at the new meadowlands stadium without incident. she commented on her attire when covering sports. >> a lot of media that say it's my fault, that i provoke with my clothes and everything. so i say, okay, afraid of these white blouse with bottom is a provacative, all the womans are provacative because it's very common to dress like this. >> there she is. you make the call. alcoa will sponsor that. also said she received a call from owner johnson. he apologized on behalf of the team, an apology she indeed accepted. >> well, a 9/11 dispatcher in minnesota is caught falling asleep on the job and it isn't the first time apparently this particular cat nap all caught on video. benjamin metcalf works the
6:35 am
overnight shift at a 9-1-1. not once, not twice, not three times. four times! got so bad his fellow dispatcher started taping him and now, of course, he's under investigation. >> i think he's open to a $5 energy endorsement opportunity. i'll have to see. steve, you need five minutes of energy. do you have it? >> i do indeed. brian, it's time for the radio rumble! a new gallup poll shows the jordan of americans disapprove of a lot of what congress has done recently. just take a look at that. they don't like the bank bailouts, the national healthcare, auto bailout, stimulus. they kind of like the financial reform. so does this spell more bad news for democrats and vulnerable democrats ducking public events ahead of hotly contested races. join us for this week's radio rumble. we have city-based radio talk host david webb. we have james p. harris and washington d.c.-based host mark levine.
6:36 am
mark, we're gonna start with you. why does it appear that the nation does not like what washington has done so far. >> let's talk first what they do like. the reason they like financial reform is they know republicans and bush and congress allowed big banks to have a great party and all of us woke up with a hangover. they don't want it to happen again. for the same reason they don't want the bailout supported by both republicans, bush and obama even though they were absolutely necessary, without them we would have had the great depression. healthcare they're waiting to see if it works. 40% supported everything the president dozen. the other 20% says wait until it works and some of these things take time. >>don't you think perhaps what's at play is american people are smart and realize washington has completely overreached and stuck their hand in our pocket and we don't overlike it. >> pretty well said. what do i say now? mark is dreamin'. you must be sleepin' and dreamin'. american people rammed through
6:37 am
policies since 2006. policies, takeover of healthcare, financial regulation, we need reform, need to enforce the laws. so they don't mind that. but the american people are smarter than the democrats hope. and that's the problem. >> james t., it does appear that a lot of democrats are running away not only from the moniker, they don't even put democrats in some of their ads but they're running away from the president, haven't appeared at events he's at and adopted a lot of the gop talking points. >> that's what the big surprise here is. just in time for halloween, you have democrats dressing up like republicans running away from the president and stealing the play book from the republicans using their talking points. it all goes to show that in this present cycle, if you don't sound like a conservative or start to act like a conservative, you can't be a democrat. >> and, mark, speaking of democrats, the democrats are already planning what to do if
6:38 am
and when they lose the majority. the conventional wisdom is that nancy pelosi is going to be out. stanley horter may take over at minority leader but some say, look, he's part of our lead areship team and they stunk up the joint. let's get rid of all of them. don't mention the dream just yet. when the american people learn the republican agenda, cutting benefits so every man in america gets $100,000 and increases our deficit by $700 billion where once they learn it's warmed over bush proposals, i think they'll give democrats the chance to finish cleaning up the mess republicans made. >> david? well, now we know why there's no liberal talk radio for any audience. when you live in a dream world -- when you live in a dream world, mark, where you spout just rhetoric and maybe not quite the facts -- >> you love the bush proposals, don't ya! go back to the great years of '7 and '8. >> we just deal and facts and
6:39 am
the fact is americans are looked at it, measured the democrats, measured the progressives like yourself and you've been found wanting. >> oh, really? >> you know what john boehner wants to do, he wants to end the mortgage interest deduction. does america support that? i don't think so. >> you know, mark, again, you can pick apart pieces of legislation but no matter what you do, no matter what you throw out there, they're not going to forget whether they're tea-partyers or whether people agree with those principles. when you close the curtains, you're done at the voting booth. >> i want you to weigh in from chicago as well. what evan bayh said, had a conversation with katie couric on tape and said essentially the obama advisers -- their hearts are in the right place and they're idealistic but probably really overreach. just do it a little too much. >> they did overreach. they thought they had a mandate when they only had like 53% of
6:40 am
the vote. and, you know, they had both houses of congress. they had the ideology and went for it. i can't blame them for that. but all of the dreams that the democrats had for the last 40, 50 years, they put 'em all into play. got everything they wanted really but the american people were not on board with it. now you're seeing the backlash. both parties are in trouble here but it's the democrats that are going to pay the price in december for obama's agenda. >> we're gonna have to end it right there for right now. david, james and mark. a terrific radio rumble for this tuesday. gretchen, brian, over to you. >> thanks. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says he has a plan to bring everyone together on a bush tax hike but democrats aren't going to like it. live to break it all down. >> and a shocking discover, the person expected of burning 6,000
6:41 am
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prepare to have your expectations shattered by the all-new gator xuv 825i. go to tsee what makhis the fastest, most powerful gator yet. >> welcome back. a couple quick headlines. that wildfire in boulder county, colorado, started in the backyard of a volunteer fireman. wind blew the embers out of a fireplace and ignited the blaze. that firefighter is one of the 166 homeowners who lost their home. no word if charges will be filed. getting our first look at the culprit between b.p.'s massive gulf coast oil spill. there it is, the failed blowout preventer. they will dissect it in three pieces to figure out what exactly caused that disaster. guys? is senator minority leader
6:45 am
mitch mcconnell backing democrats in the corner when it comes to extending the bush era tax cuts by introducing a new piece of legislation yesterday. >> we can't allow this administration to demand that small business owners this country pay for its own fiscal recklessness. and that's why i'm introducing legislation today that insures that no one in this country will pay higher income taxes next year than they are right now. >> stuart varney says the message is loud and clear. vote against the legislation and you're voting for a tax increase in recession. and mitch mcconnell is singing your song, john boehner wasn't. >> i think this is the most important piece of economic policy for the future. who gets taxed more come january 1st. that's the big question. and there are two clear sides to this. mick mcconnell has laid down the law, drawn a line in the sand. he says nobody's tax rate goes up on january 1st.
6:46 am
>> that's a popular message. >> starting with the republicans it is. and some democrats. so he's laying this law down. he's saying, look, don't raise taxes in a lousy economy for anybody. now, he's opposed by president obama who -- distribution at the heart of this policy. he wants to tax the rich. that's the keystone of his entire administration. so you've got a clash here. i think that mitch mccullen has enough power because he has 41 votes in the senate to block any move to tax the rich come january 1st. >> he has joe lieberman, evan bayh, senator web. they said i agree with the republicans. wrong time to let them sunset. >> the democrats are split on this surprisingly enough. lots of house democrats do not want to go into the election in november supporting tax increases on anybody. and as you say, you've got a variety of senators in the senate saying, look, we've got to extend tax cuts for
6:47 am
everybody, don't just tax the rich. >> u.s. chamber of congress, plus the business roundtable are going to essentially flood the streets of washington with ceo's, go up on capitol hill, talk to ron emanuel, say what are you trying to do, kill us! because when people say, oh, it's for the rich people. those rich people really aren't so rich if they are in fact simply small business owners. >> this is the key debate and the two sides are being sharpened up. today house democrats caucus on this very issue. who's on which side amongst house democrats. that's the caucus today. chairman congress tomorrow, ceo's all over washington. the sides are being tightly and sharply drawn on the most important economic polish of the day. >> you know why? because the election's in november. their vote and where they stand could make or break the power in the house and the senate. >> a decision will go beyond the election. >> we're going to watch taxpayer with you on the "fox business
6:48 am
network." >> i'm going to be busy. >> i can find the time. stuart, thank you very much. >> should a catholic church be separated. coming up next. >> why do so many on the left want the mosque built at ground zero. bernie goldberg has an interesting explanation. vo: what is the good egg project?
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♪ congressman patrick kennedy has introduced a bill in congress that would make it legal for religious charities who receive federal funding to let a prospective employers
6:52 am
owner to hire. >> senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. >> good morning, guys. >> right now the way the law is, if you -- churches and religious organizations can essentially discriminate who they hire. for instance, if they don't want to hire somebody of a particular religion, they are okay doing that? >> correct. even the great civil rights act of '64 and four federal laws written since then have what's called the religious exemption. it allows religious organizations to discriminate with respect to hiring based upon a religious test. >> the thinking being what? >> the thinking being the religious organization needs orthodoxy, ideological purity. >> people on their team. >> correct. the other thinking is the first amendment says the government can't interfere with the free exercise of religion. so if a jewish temple or a muslim mosque or a catholic church believes that bringing in
6:53 am
non-believers into the management of that entity would interfere with the free exercise of religion, the government says, you're right, we won't force you to do it. now comes patrick kennedy from one of the best-known catholic families in the country saying you know what, i don't like this. i think they should have the same rules apply to them as apply to everybody else. that would interfere with their free exercise of religion. >> is this p. c. run amok again? is this where we need to make sure everyone has every opportunity in america where we can allow everyone to join every club? is this where we're going now with this? >> if we go there, we will destroy the ability of people to associate with whom they want to associate. and we will destroy the ability of ideological and religious organizations to maintain a certain sense of cohesiveness and we will assault their rights under the first amendment. why congressman kennedy is doing this? i don't know.
6:54 am
he's retiring this year. >> it's a liberal point of view. >> it is. it's obviously not going to pass and if it does, it will be struck down by the first federal judge that sees it. >> when you apply for a job, can they ask you what religion you are? >> if you apply at a job at a non-religious organization, they cannot ask you your religion. but if you apply at a bona fide religious organization, one notoriously owned and operated by a religious group, they may ask you your religion, even ask you the extent you accept the tenant of that religion. >> can you imagine, let's go down the road like five years. can you imagine since we're talking about the mosque at ground zero, then that mosque would be forced to hire potentially a christian or a jew to work in there. >> it would also permit people that don't like religions to assault them and water them down by flooding them with applicants who don't believe what the religion teaches. this would violate, if the
6:55 am
kennedy proposal passes, essentially 230 years of american values, hands off the religious groups. >> you don't think it's gonna pass. >> no, i don't think it's gonna pass. other than the fact he may believe this, i don't know why he's raising it now in an election campaign where he's not running. >> judge, we thank you very much. >> thank you, guys. >> all rise. he's leaving the studio. (laughter) >> that is saturday and sunday on the "fox business network." apparently congress doesn't pay after decades of socialism, cuba forced to lay off government employees now. >> oh, boy! candidates across the country turning out new ads for more votes but are they working? frank breaks them down next hour right here on "fox and friends." ♪
6:56 am
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6:59 am
♪ i'm gonna use one of brian's phrases. top of the morning to ya! >> oh, thank you. >> thank you for sharing your time with us today. richard blumenthal, he lied about his military service. that isn't keeping president obama for stumping for the candidate. all the primaries you needto know about on this huge election day. >> okay. he wants a mosque at ground zero and claims he's a moderate. so why is long-term supporter of a man that says 9/11 is an inside job. >> and the story that brian's so excited about. the democrats are caught in a bad case of bieber fever as in justin bieber.
7:00 am
their latest ploy to stay in power come november. thanks to the kids. "fox and friends," top of this tuesday morning starts right now. ♪ >> that's a bieber tune? >> that's justin bieber. >> wow! >> now, how much does he need somebody to love? how old is he? he needs somebody to love at 16. >> don't you remember the days. >> i don't think we're looking for somebody to love at 16, are we? (laughter) >> do we have a love card we can toss to? >> your two daughters aren't absolutely gaga for bieber? >> kaitlyn who's seven, bieber friendly. >> kirstin, nine, not so much. >> my kids five and seven have no idea who it is. >> really? the older kids do like them and find out what the democrats are doing to catch the bieber fever. they want to leave it to bieber
7:01 am
in a couple minutes. news for you moments ago. tropical storm julia was upgraded to a hurricane and is now gaining strength over the atlantic. take a look at this picture from the international space station showing just how massive the storms ahead of hurricane igor is. it is still too early to know if and when igor will make landfall right now. igor is a storm with 135 mph winds. west-northwest. big perception now, it's going to take a hard right turn. perhaps go toward bermuda by the end of the week. and that's your weather update. ♪ >> let's talk about the elections going on today. voters heading to the polls in seven states and washington d.c. today where several tea party-backed candidates are looking to knock out some of the establishment. kellie wright live in washington with a preview of today's key
7:02 am
primary races. good morning, kelly. >> gretchen, good morning to you as well. after the season, delaware may be the biggest test for the tea party. mike castle is a moderate who three weeks ago was favored to win but now castle may find himself or at least finds himself now locked in a virtual tie with christine o'donnell who is backed by the tea party express which launched an out of state ad blitz to help the unknown o'donnell gain over popular castle. even sarah palin recorded calls and performed radio ads for o'donnell. >> there's a wave, a tidal wave coming to delaware. we're riding it. my opponent is drowning in it. >> the tea party influence is palpable in the state where vice president joe biden served as senator for 36 years. the tea party has successfully
7:03 am
labelled castle as a rhino, republican in name only. yet o'donnell is not without her own problems. she's undergone some personal financial issues. >> she has a lot of strikes against her. more than three strikes against her with respect to her finances. and if you translate that into making decisions as far as the government's concern, i think it would be problem mat cal. >> favored to win the nom nation there in the granite state. the granite grisly. what makes some of these races so crucial today is the role that the tea party is playing and the impact that could have come november. some of these races are indeed making the republican party somewhat nervous. back to you. >> i mean, in a month in delaware, she has gained 17 points. that's unbelievable.
7:04 am
>> it's problematical. >> it's going to be the smallest. the winner 16,000 votes. >> the big question, who's going to show up, whose energized? are the tea party people energized? >> they were born energized. >> don't be problemmatical. >> new surveillance video, that massive glass explosion -- watch this. right behind there. that massive gas explosion in that subdivision. it was all caught on surveillance camera in a gas station. the investigation moves into phase two now that the gas pipe is on its way to washington for tests. >> there will be some onsite work, documenting in detail the damage around it, location of the fatalities. the information will help us determine the cause of it. but most of the work on that site has now been completed.
7:05 am
>> gas company pg&e set up a $100 million fund now for the victims. people whose homes were destroyed will get $50,000 right away. the accused christmas morning underwear bomber now acting as his own attorney and looks like he's ready to cop a plea. after firing his lawyers, he asked a federal judge for advice on how to plead guilty. unemployment rates going up big time. where? well, in cuba. the communist country says it will lay off 500,000 state employees by march and expand private employment. the cuban workers federation says it's the biggest shift in the private sector since 1960. >> didn't his older brother admit it didn't work last week? >> there was talk. >> raul did? >> no, fidel did. the model's not effective. >> i guess not. >> when you have to ride to work on a doneky, i think it's time for a plan b.
7:06 am
>> speaking of b, blumenthal is his name and he's the attorney general of connecticut. richard blumenthal is the democrats' senate candidate for that great state. here's the problem for him. right now according to real clear politics, he's squaring off against linda mcmahon. he is up by 7.5 points but he is in a bit of a jam and that is he has been caught on tape and been quoted extensively a couple years ago talking about when he was in vietnam and how -- about his service in vietnam. and here's the problem. he did not serve in vietnam. he did explain a little bit about what he was trying to say. it wasn't a lie. no, really, listen. >> we have learned something very important since the days that i served in vietnam and you exemplify -- >> i may have misspoken. i did misspeak on a few occasions out of hundreds that i have attended whether events or
7:07 am
ceremonies. and i will not allow anyone to take a few of those misplaced words and impugn my record of service. >> all right. so why does the president need to go now and stump for blumenthal? this is a huge move. remember the president did this about a year ago when he went to new jersey and then his candidate lost. and he went to the virginia and his candidate lost. >> massachusetts. >> and went to massachusetts and his candidate lost. now he's coming to connecticut. why? because the latest poll out this morning had linda mcmahon, the republican, only down by 6 points. so even in just the last day or so, she is increasing her lead or lack thereof but it's getting closer. the president is putting himself on the line again. >> she was getting crushed and she's coming back and she's got money and real life business experience. more and more the story of this election is about business and coming back. by the way, it's two
7:08 am
fund-raisers, one for the party and the other directly for blumenthal over in connecticut. it's not going to be public. not going to take q and a. here is mrs. mcmahon. >> i believe that richard blumenthal said he misstated his service. >> so many times? you believe that? >> i don't. i think it was a pattern of deception. he said is over and over again. >> columnists say he simply flat out lied. can't find it within himself to tell the truth. >> also now portrayed himself -- gretch, you would know because you watch tv in connecticut, your home state. >> she halls two antennas. >> so you can get all the tv markets. in his ads portrayed himself as a d.c. outsider which flies in the face of reality. in fact, he worked in the nixon white house reporting to david patrick moynihan, clerked for supreme court justice blackman. one point he even worked for
7:09 am
"the washington post." so for him to say that he's a d.c. outsider, that's stretchin' it. >> so we will no doubt be talking about how for the president, blumenthal rrp tomorrow on the sh show. we showed you that the imam was speaking here in new york city. now it's come to life possibly some of his close associates may have radical ties. speaking about the man on the screen, his name is fiyas khan. he sent in this videotape about his believes about what really caused 9/11. >> i've been involved in the 9/11 truth movement since september 12th, 2001. we're all saying this mainstream explanation is completely false and it's compelling evidence to suggest not only false but some form of inside job. we can all agree with that.
7:10 am
>> that was one of his key guys saying it was an inside job. imam saying don't blame all of islam with what al-queda's doing because they're extremists. his goal is to be the voice of moderation with extremists on both sides. i understand but are you labeling the victims' families or maybe us extremists? excuse me, i don't accept that. but the biggest development has to be the imam letting everyone know that he'd be open to delaying the project so that both sides can cool off. >> exactly right. and said all the options are on the table. the big question, you look at the polls and some of the americans are stridently against this. why are so many on the left for building it right there? bernie goldberg, a friend of this program, also a big friends of the bill o'reilly show, was on last night, and addressed that topic. >> liberals in the media are the same as liberals outside the
7:11 am
media. one of their fundamental delusions is they have a monopoly on compassion. taking this side of the issue enables them to show how compassionate they are because they're sticking up for oppressed -- giant quotation marks -- american muslims. makes them feel once again they're looking out for the underdog. mostly makes them feel better about themselves. >> so that's bernie's perspective. bill o'reilly is joining us 8:30 a.m. eastern time today. he has a new book out and he will share his thoughts about the mosque on ground zero as well. meantime coming up small business owners call the president's tax hikes a job killer. how it could actually end up costing you. >> the democrats developed a case of bieber fever. returning to a kid who can't
7:12 am
even vote and part his hair. he's from canada, by the way. ♪ vo: what is the good egg project?
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president obama is dead set on allowing the tax cuts for american families who make over $250,000 a year to expire. but what does that mean for small business owners? will that jack up their taxes as well and could it ultimately put them out of business and the cost to you? join us for a small business panel, michael levy, owner of emotion and hemingway consulting services group and eric cullen, owner of benefit
7:16 am
quest insurance. good morning to all three of you. >> good morning. >> michael, let me start with you. you are a small business owner. i think some of your -- well, you have some of your frames that you brought to me. thank you very much. you just started out. i know that you say that you're not up to the $250,000 level yet, right? >> yes, that is correct. >> so how would this tax cut then or not being able to have the tax cut affect you as a small business owner? >> the first thing it does, doesn't give me incentive to make higher profits in my company. we've actually over the past couple years due to the bad economy have gone from 13 down to two employees and it's been a very tough go of it. for us to restart our business and get back up to where we have to go, we have very little incentive to hire new employees to build our business back to the level it was at. >> these people making $250,000 a year, these are not the uber
7:17 am
wealthy in our society, right? >> that's right. this is main street businesses. we're talking about your insurance agent on main street, talking about dentists, doctors, local businesses that are affecting main street. so for, you know, president obama to say that he's trying to encourage job growth, trying to encourage main street businesses, well, one of the best ways to do that is extend these tax cuts and allow those individuals making over $250,000 employing individuals greater ability to hire more people and grow their businesses. >> you run an insurance agency. wouldn't it seem as if the president would want to be in favor of creating more jobs in this economy right now? what's your take on it? >> definitely. it's so difficult in the last two years we've had a recession. a lot of the companies that i've
7:18 am
worked with are having trouble paying these insurance rates, these high insurance rates. a lot of extra expenses. i'm shocked that we're not concentrating on job creation. >> but, michael, as a start-up business, how will this affect your outlook whether you will hire more people. because the president now needs you to hire more people. will you? >> i would love to. but to be perfectly honest, i had a meeting with my insurance broker who discussed my health insurance premiums for the year coming up which has gone up another 10% like this does every year. he told me point blank do not hire more people. it will cost you too much money. >> wow! andrew, are you hearing the same thing? >> yeah, of course. what we need as small business owners is some stability. we need to project into the next couple years what our earnings are going to be, what our expenses are going to be and
7:19 am
it's absolutely impossible. this healthcare legislation passed was promised 1 to 2% increases by president obama. and we're seeing just like michael there, we're seeing 10, 20% increases across the board. and it's impossible to predict, say, hey, this is what our expenses are going to be so given that i can afford to hire somebody or make changes. and given the current -- you just can't do that. >> you're saying you can't do it. and talking about health insurance. if you would all stick around, i want to delve into that a little deeper when we return. tax increase isn't the only problem. there's also healthcare reform. even more small businesses go under as a result. a fox news alert, the imam behind ground zero, the mosque being sued?
7:20 am
7:21 am
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7:23 am
. welcome back, everyone. while pushing his plan for healthcare reform, the president promised his plan would not increase costs. but listen to what he's saying now. >> as a consequence of us getting 30 million additional people healthcare, at the margins that's going to increase our costs. we knew that. we didn't think we were going to cover 30 million people for free. >> so are small businesses the ones who have going to get stuck with the majority of the tab? our small business panel is back with us. a bit of a personal story which spurred wanting to get this panel together here. i provide healthcare for my nanny. and when i went to talk about this year coming up, they told me to expect amazingly high increases because of obama-care, parts of it kicking in january 2011. i said, wow, i thought costs were not supposed to go up. michael, is that the same thing you were hearing about your small business? >> well, my insurance broker told me my costs are going up. they're going up a lot.
7:24 am
because my choices have gone down. my options of health insurance, every year i used to get probably ten different choices. this year i came in with three and said next year it's going to be worse and year after that it's going to be even worse. just keep going up and up and up and small businesses are footin' the bill for this. >> eric, i thought we were told that there would be no additional costs. that we were gonna save money and we were gonna knock down the deficit in this country. you are in the insurance business. in a commercial break you were telling my a startling statistic that some of your clients will face 85 to 90% premium increases in january. >> that's true. some plans, some carriers they already sent notifications to some of my clients that are saying that after january there will be an 80%, 80 to 90% increase. they better start now planning for that. i have to now work harder to find plans that are going to be affordable for them. >> andrew, i know that you have a personal situation where you
7:25 am
let somebody go and you had a different contractor come in and do a piece of work for you because you can't afford the healthcare. >> that's it. businesses all over the country are making that exact decision. we're saying we can't afford full-time employees so the decision is not offer health insurance to our employees like a lot of us would like to and we think we should, or to look at the cost savings and start to hire contractors. you know, this bill, nancy pelosi said that you have to pass the bill to find out what's in it. and this is so true. we're seeing day after day after day that as they're stale writing this bill, creating it, seeing the actual impact of it. the tea party from the beginning said we knew small businesses were going to get stuck with it. that's why we didn't want this piece of legislation passed. >> when i was on the phone, my own personal situation, we don't know many about it, ma'am, but your cost is going up in a big
7:26 am
way. eric, let me ask you this: what are you going to do then with your clients? >> i have to look at all the options from all the carriers and simply give them the best options available. >> but isn't this a way in which -- do you find any truth to the matter this is a way to funnel more people into the government-run insurance program down the line? >> yes. >> definitely. this is definitely the case. i think that it's been sold to the united states that we're gonna save money but they're not concentrating on saving money at all. they're only focusing on getting 40 million people covered at any cost. they're not focusing on the 260 million already covered. they don't care about that. all they have is this vision or dream that they wanna have to cover these 40 million people that may not even want the coverage or work to get the coverage. >> michael, andrew and eric, continued success on your small businesses. thank you for being our guests
7:27 am
today. brian? >> gretch, we thank you very much. the man charged with stabbing a muslim cabdriver says it's not his fault because he suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder from the war in afghanistan. but he is not even a soldier. >> really? >> we're going to take you live to delaware where the election is shaping up to be a battle between the grand old party and a tea party. that's a lot of parties. democrats have developed a man cave so justin bieber fever, can justin bieber, an american kid that can't even vote help keep them in power. that story ahead as we watusi straight ahead. >> i don't think you have to watusi. yself." you should've. that's why i'm exercising more now. eating healthier. and i also trust my heart to lipitor. [ male announcer ] when diet and exercise are not enough,
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♪ >> well, according to a new report, 41 of president obama's white house staffers now owe the government more than $831,000 in back taxes. they just keep avoiding taxes, they say yes, we can, yes, we can! >> you work in government, you shouldn't have to pay taxes, too, the little people, should they? >> a lot of people theorize if you make under $200,000, you don't get a tax break, right? in congress i think you fall just below that because combined -- individually, congress protecting their own salaries. >> another interesting question. guess what, election day so some
7:32 am
members of congress may not be sitting. >> that's right. >> it is primary election day in a number of states, including new york where, let's look live. we're looking over the shoulder of charlie rangel who has just arrived at a school in harlem to vote. >> he's on the ballot. >> that's good if he's lining up for pot. he can't hear you! >> the 80-year-old is charged, of course, as you know, with a number of ethics violations. >> 13. who's counting. >> not stopping bill clinton for making row bow calls on behalf of mr. rangel. more on that guy's big race. good morning to you, eric. >> good morning, guys. now in the heart of harlem. i'm standing on adam clayton powell jr. boulevard. we're in front of the statue of adam clayton powell jr. which sits in front of the state office building. the son of that harlem legend is
7:33 am
challenging rangel. he faces 13 ethics violations grabbing rent control apartments allegedly, using congressional stationery. faces an ethics trial in the house. adam clayton powell's son is a four-term assemblyman challenging charles rangel. powell told us that although powell has served the community very we'll, he is under this ethics cloud and resigned the chairmanship ways and means committee and time in his view for rangel to go. >> when i get electioned to congress, i will actually be doing rangel and the democrats throughout the nation a favor because my election will probably put an end to all the equity cal trials that mr. rangel now faces and will probably put an end to
7:34 am
republicans being able to use congressman rangel as a punching bag in the november election. >> a nice fella. seems to be a nice young man. i think god has really blessed him with his good looks, that thought. >> well, then there was this devastating photo of congressman rangel sleeping on a cot on a beach in front of his dominican republican condo. for some voters that was quite an impression. he has won the race here with 80% of the vote. has money and the democratic organization behind him but an upstart rangel in 1970 beat adam clayton powell jr. when he was a congressman. so many wondering if history may repeat itself tonight. back to you in the studio. >> that was the one race you didn't cover, am i correct? (laughter) >> the orange rangel -- >> the orange rangel powell. >> i don't think he -- he can either hear you or ignoring you.
7:35 am
>> that's the blank look i get in the hall. how's it going? just straight ahead. >> also a hot republican race in delaware. >> you know everything. >> well, you're supposed -- >> i tell you what, this is the most intriguing. the tea party favorite christine o'donnell could beat incumbent congressman mike castle. castle's been there a while. our affiliate tfx is there with more. a 17-point gap being closed, am i right? >> yeah. do you guys know one of delaware's nicknames is small wonder. doesn't apply to this primary. talking about it everywhere. it's gone national. such a heated race here. i'm joined by one of the candidates tea party, christine o'donnell. thank you very much for joining us this morning. scheduled to vote around 7:45 this morning. we're talking about you going against mike castle, long-term state representative, former governor here.
7:36 am
are you surprised some of these preliminary polls show that you are ahead? >> i'm encouraging. i'm not popping any champagne corks because the final results aren't in but i'm very encouraged because we've been working very hard all summer and the spring to get our message directly to the voters, to earn their trust, to let them into my proposal to get private sector jobs back to delaware. >> what is it about your message, christine, that has gotten the attention and support of the tea party of sarah palin? >> well, i think it's because they've seen the ground swell of grassroots support. really, it's i think the delaware voters because as i've gone up and down the state, i've shared with them, i've struggled, i've been there. i can relate to what they're going through. that's why i want to go to washington and propose solutions that help the average american, not increase the debt. and common sense men and women here in delaware know that the proposal coming from washington that my opponent supports are not sustainable.
7:37 am
we can't afford to continue to spend. and it's hurting the working class. >> speaking of hurting, the mud slinging has already started. you've certainly been hearing it. >> right. >> some analysts say when you get this negative, it actually throws the support that's behind the person you're going against. >> that's and what happened. we've addressed all their accusations, set the report straight and when the voters see my opponent has no regard for the truth and continues to support these accusations that are based on half truths and even lies, it backfires because, yes, i've struggled financially but worked hard and sacrificed to make things right and made it through to the other side and even stronger. that rest nates with the voters because -- i can relate to what they're going through. my opponent has cashed a government paycheck for over four decades. so when he starts attacking me because i'm a hard-working citizen, a lot of voters have told me they felt like he's
7:38 am
attacking them. it has backlashed when he took out his first negative ad. >> thank you. we've gotta run. thank you for talking to us. of course, the polls just opened here at 7:00 here at wilmington school. christine o'donnell has 14 other polls to go to today. we're talking about preliminary race here. the polls also show come the general election should mike castle become the nominee then, he would have a better chance of beating the democratic candidate. we'll watch that in the future but meantime we're looking at the primaries here today. >> great interview. thank you very much for the live report from delaware. 22 minutes from the top of the hour. more headline east a town in new jersey filed a lawsuit planning that mosque near ground zero. the lawsuit involves several apartment buildings imam owns. claims he has refused to address their complaints on a variety issue including holes and fire
7:39 am
hazards and a bunch of leaks here that i think we first reported here a couple weeks ago. >> meanwhile the college student accused of stabbing a muslim cabdriver has posttrauma stress disorder. he claims michael recall enray got it after going to film a documentary. he could get treatment for alcoholism if he's allowed out on $20,000 bail. stabbed a crab driver here in new york shortly after the mosque protest. >> crazy. president obama on the verge of appointing elizabeth warren as the temporary chief of his new council consumer protection bureau in charge of policing, mortgages, credit cards and loans. loophole because it was a temporary appointment. the harvard law professor would not have to undergo a senate confirmation vote. republicans do not like the idea of giving ms. warren a $500 million annual budget with very
7:40 am
little oversight. >> a democratic organization is taking a different kind of approach in getting votes for the midterm. check out this ad from the liberal organization campus progress. as they try to coax justin bieber fans even though he isn't old enough to vote. >> your parents, grandparents, friends, friends from karate class. >> fans. >> tell everyone. voting 2010. >> if they won't do it for you -- >> ask them to do it for bieber. >> no word yet from the bieber camp but interestingly enough -- i believe he's only 16 years old and cannot vote and he's from canada which would also mean he cannot vote in this country. >> so vote for him. what would bieber do? do you have a bracelet that says that? >> justin bieber. what do you think? do you think that's effective? meantime 20 minutes before the
7:41 am
top of the hour. candidates across the country are churning out new ads in a last-ditch effort to snag votes in november. which ads resonate most? frank will break them down promptly. >> after the break, holly robinson pete here live, advice for non-football fans enjoying sunday games. details on her brand new tv show. ♪ [ man ] this is bailey's favorite time of day. mine too. i'm chef michael, and i love to delight bailey's senses. don't i? [ barks ] because i think food speaks a language of love. that's what inspired me to rethink dry dog food. [ female announcer ] chef michael's canine creations. [ chef michael ] mmm. tender shredded pieces made with real meat... and crunchy garnishes to enhance the mealtime experience. yes, bailey-- just for you. [ barks ]
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with your help, we've donated $25 million over 12 years. so let's continue to make a difference one lid at a time. >> welcome back. actors holly robinson pete may be best known for her role on 21 jump street on fox. and recently celebrity apprentice. >> look at that '80s hair. >> we all had it.
7:45 am
also a mother to four children and the wife of former nfl player rodney pete. and this fall she will be returning to television as the cohost of a brand new talk show. >> yeah! >> here today to tell us all about it and dish on the nfl football season as well. >> good morning! >> so meadowlands, the new meadowlands team. >> boy, do i have an nfl hangover. >> was that hard to watch? >> it was painful. i have to tell you. i'm a huge football fan. i can watch any game and -- i get off on the strategy of the coaching and all that. but last night, that was pure pain. and not to mention the fact that we couldn't come in because of the lightning and we had to sort of stay inside. we couldn't sit down. >> is that true? in the corridor. >> then my hair exploded and it was a whole -- >> back in the '80s. >> back on 21 jump street. >> but here's the thing. you loved football before you married rodney pete. >> i did. >> you grew up with your dad an
7:46 am
eagles fan. >> he bled eagle green. i think my first words were harold carmichael. when i met rodney, i got into the play book and became a little of a football monster if you will. >> what advice can you give, men and women alike, who maybe aren't huge fans? >> i teamed up with dove chocolate and they have a page with women trying to get into it. not all of them are crazy about football like myself. a lot of my girlfriends become football widows. invite your friends over, have a wine tasting party. >> have a party! >> have a party. make it about getting together and connecting. it can be difficult but it's a lot of fun. about the vibe and the energy. >> how has your husband adjusted to not playing. >> it's been six years. it's been an adjustment. he's coaching little league and into all that stuff. he hasn't left me to make me a golf widow now which a lot do. they basically quit and go to golf.
7:47 am
he loves his kids and loves hangin' out. doing the mr. mom thing right now. thank you, honey. >> you've been doing the mom thing for many years. >> yeah. >> but now you're going to be taking some time away from the house. come october, you're going to be one of the stars of a new cbs-produced talk show called "the talk." >> that's right. >> we've seen the lineup of talkers. >> right. >> it's going to be like a knockoff of "the view." >> it's about personalities. one of the difference, our show's going to have a lot of humor and heart. we're going to cover serious topics but we have to have something to laugh about. >> sharon osborn. >> yep. leah remini. >> not all of you are moms. >> all moms. every one. >> that's the one tie. >> a defining moment of our
7:48 am
show. but it's for everyone. it's not just for moms. and the other cohost will be the audience. like a giant page for women. >> will your kids get together and have the their own talk show on nickelodeon? >> no. but my kids will probably be writing a book after i talk about them every single day. it's going to be a good refreshing experience to have us all together. we're going to cover things from a mom's point of view but it's really for everyone. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much! >> if you'd like more information how to draw the parties on football sundays -- >> we can all get along on sundays. >> go to your house and party with the pete. >> wine tasting in one room, beer in the other! (laughter) >> thanks, holly. candidates are spending millions on new ads for the november election. are they worth the dough? >> 1985, saint elmo's fire by john par.
7:49 am
(laughter) ♪ so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number?
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"fox news" alert for you now. utfoxhrñeagtha t an s foor told of r
7:53 am
>> the democratic side against governor perry who we thought was going to walk away with this. what's going on? >> most thought it would be an easy election complain. a republican-leaning state but bill white has given him a good run for his money. one reason, it's an advertising campaign. we used the "fox news" dial for the favorite reaction. watch how conservative bill white comes across. he does even better among republicans than democrats. let's take a look. >> washington is broken. as the federal government grows more intrusive with mandates and
7:54 am
unprecedented debt, we believe texans, not federal bureaucrats know what's best for our state. that's why i rejected federal dollars with strings attached and will fight energy policies that will raise taxes on our family. as governor i'll always challenge the 10th amendment. >> governor rick perry, proven leadership. >> perry looks good on that. especially among republicans. >> that's republicans and that's rick perry. what's powerful about it is he's got the right lexicon for conservative voters. he's gone a good job as governor. even how he's dressed. he doesn't look like a politician. looks like an average texan. >> doing better than the rest of the country. unemployment at 8, country at 9.46. >> texas relatively optimistic about the future and you won't find that anyplace in america. i want to point out the democratic ad. the only example we've measured in 2010 where the democrat
7:55 am
actually does better than the republicans. let's take a look. >> you think you're getting your money's worth out of state government. obviously we can do better. see, running businesses taught me how to squeeze the most out of every dollar. i'm bill white. when i was mayor of houston, we cut property tax rates five straight years making services more efficient and responsive. as governor i'll work hard every day to squeeze the most out of every dollar. what's what we need. >> bill white for texas. a governor for texas' future. >> republicans like it better than democrats. 76 to 40 something. >> one of the reasons he's doing much better than people expected in the polls. perry still has the lead but this race is not over. very anti-incumbent mood. not just in texas but nationwide. this one's going to go down to the wire. >> when he shook hutchinson, you
7:56 am
thought he was going to coast. do you think he was coasting, saying i've got this thing? >> i just think it's an anti-incumbent mood. anyone in office now is going to be at a disadvantage. that's why these ads matter so much and why they're spending millions of dollars. more money will be spent on political ads than mcdonald's, burger king, g.m. more spent than we've ever spent on political advertising and it's going to make a difference in races like this. >> still television the medium. >> even though we watch less tv we pay attention to the ads and those ads work. >> frank, you work. we appreciate it. coming up straight ahead, we forge ahead. michelle obama said she'd stay off the campaign trail. why the first lady could be playing the role of food police. laura will join us the top of the hour. and also this guy named bill o'reilly joins us on the couch. that's the guy in the back. vo: what is the good egg project?
7:57 am
7:58 am
vo: it's america's egg farmers who feed millions in need... vo:'s families who are active in their communities... ...and it's kids who learn the value of nritious foods. clint hickman: go to to learn more.
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8:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning. everyone. tuesday, september 14, 2010. i'm gretchen carlson, a fox news alert to kick things off for our final hour. american hiker sarah shourd has been released from iran. it happened moments ago. the breaking details straight ahead. >> peter: it's a big primary day in seven states district of columbia as well. many of the races pitting the gop against members of the tea party. we're live on the campaign trail. laura ingraham weighs in in about three minutes, brian. >> brian: that's her. he wants a mosque near ground zero and claims he's a moderate. why is imam rauf a long-time supporter of a man who says 9-11, an inside job. bill o'reilly brings the no spin zone to the curvy couch and talks about his new book because this is "fox & friends" and it starts now.
8:01 am
>> hi, everybody. deborah norville, good morning. you're watching "fox & friends." >> gretchen: thanks for the compliment. we have to bring awe fox news alert. moments ago, we learned sarah shourd, detained in iran, has been freed. she's been in prison for more than a year. earlier when reported, her family could not afford to pay $500,000 for her release. they asked iran to lower or drop the bail amount all together. right now we don't know if any money was exchanged between the two parties. she has been suffering from health problems. right now iran has no plans to release the other two hikers. one of them, her fiance. also, a severe weather alert now, tropical storm julia upgraded to a hurricane and is gaining strength in the atlantic. we're also tracking hurricane igor. upgraded to a category 4 storm. right now maximum sustained winds of 135 miles per hour. this video from nasa. as you look at igor spinning out
8:02 am
there to the east of the caribbean, it's still too early to know if or when igor will make landfall. we're hoping it does take a turn over the next couple of days to the right and miss us. >> gretchen: other headline, the accused christmas day underwear bombing acting as his own attorney, a sign he could be ready to plead guilty. after firing his lawyers, he asked a judge to advice on how to plead guilty. the judge is appoint ago new legal team now to help him. today the president heading to philadelphia to make his second back to school speech this year. the president will talk about his own days as a student, saying apparently, quote, i wasn't always the best student when i was younger. i made my share of mistakes. in fact, i can still remember a conversation i had with my mother in high school. she said i could get into any school in the country if i just put in a little effort. and she gave me a hard look and added, remember what that is
8:03 am
like? effort? he we want on to graduate from columbia university and harvard. he said the school visit is not political. those are your headlines. >> brian: two minutes after the hour. voters heading to the polls in seven states, washington, d.c tea party backed candidates are looking to knock out incumbents. kelly wright is in washington with a preview of today's dramatic races in the primaries. kelly? >> let's get to it. delaware may be the biggest test of all for the tea party. they are hoping to win big over a popular moderate republican who the tea party claims is a rhino. republican in name only. the tea party express is backing christine o'donnell who has come from 17 points behind to gain a slight lead. earlier on "fox & friends," o'donnell talked with us about her edge over long-time republican congressman mike castle. >> i'm not popping any champagne corks because the final results aren't in but i'm encouraged because we've been working very hard all summer and in the
8:04 am
spring to get our message directly to the voters, to earn their trust, to let them know my proposal to get private sector jobs back to delaware. >> it's been a contentious campaign in delaware. mike castle claims o'donnell has personal financial problems and may have violated campaign finance laws. >> she has a lot of strikes against her, maybe more than three strikes with respect to her finances. if you translate that into making a pitch as far as the government is concerned, it could be a problem. >> but o'donnell told "fox & friends" this morning that her opponent's claims are baseless, adding she addressed all of his accusations and she expects castle's tactics to backfire. >> we've addressed all of their accusations, set the record straight. when the voters see that my opponent has no regard for the truth and continues to support
8:05 am
these accusations that are based on half truths and even lies, it become fires because yes, i've struggled financially, but i've worked hard and sacrificed to make things right and made it through to the other side. >> on to new hampshire now where another sarah palin-backed candidate is favored to win the republican senate nomination there in the granite state. she called state attorney general kelly iote the granite grizzly. what makes them so crucial so the role the tea party is taking and the impact and -- it could have op the november election. some are making the republican party a bit nervous. >> gretchen: kelly, thanks very much. joining us now is the author of the "new york times" number one best seller "the obama diaries," laura ingraham is here. what do you think about primary day? >> here is what i see and i have a little bit different take than
8:06 am
kelly on new hampshire, which is the race i'm focusing on. very interesting dynamic playing out. this is a hotly contested new hampshire senate gop primary fight. a bunch of people in the field, including sarah palin backed kelly aot who is former attorney general. you have la montaine, former commissioner of education in the state. palin endorses aote. then it's revealed that she said she would have voted to confirm sonia sotomayor to the supreme court. then we find out that she authorized a $300,000 legal fees payment to planned parenthood. so this whole race has been thrown up into chaos. jim demint comes in on friday and endorses ovite. guess what's happening? four points ovitte is trailing aotte. the tea party folks, most are backing ovitte.
8:07 am
that's different from delaware. that's a fascinating race. we'll see how that plays out. >> brian: the thing in delaware is that the word is, according to guys that watch, it turns out that o'donnell is not electable when it comes to the general, they don't feel, as opposed to where castle would have a better chance. >> well, delaware is an odd state, it's more like new hampshire than alabama. so it's a different state. look, i say this to the establishment republicans who are busy trashing christine o'donnell. they created this situation. all right? they created a situation, an atmosphere where people are fed up with the party favorites. that's what's happened. christine o'donnell walks into the situation in delaware where people say, okay, mike castle, been there, done that. he's part of the problem. we need a new solution. and it remains to be seen whether christine o'donnell could win in a general election.
8:08 am
i think this is fascinating. this is a problem created by the establishment itself. >> peter: and we will have complete details on who won tonight on fox and tomorrow morning. let's deal in the president of the united states because yesterday evan bayh from indiana had enough. he's moderate and kind of an independent democrat. he's got to get out the gridlock is bugging him. he really took aim at the circle of advisors around the president of the united states. listen to this 22 second snippet from a katie couric interview. >> i think he was dealt a very tough hand, katy, and he's making the best of it, particularly on the economy. the one concern i would have is that i think and understandably so, many of his advisors are very idealistic people and there were some things they wanted to do that was 50 and 60 years in the waiting, that's a good thing. but maybe they tried to deal, rather than play the hand of the cards they dealt, they played
8:09 am
what they wish they were dealt. >> peter: why is he taking a shot at the advisors for the president? >> here is what i say about him, number one, he seems to be such a nice guy. good guy. number two, where was all of this criticism when it counted? frankly, when he voted for obamacare? there were a lot of us who are saying to people like evan bayh and jim webb who are supposed to be these great forces in the democratic party, stop the madness. this thing is going to implode. it's a disaster for the country. they went ahead and followed the party line. so now for him to come forward and say, well, maybe they bit off more than they could chew and these guys were dealt a tough hand, you know who else was dealt a tough hand in the fall of -- excuse me, spring of 2001? george w. bush. stock market collapse, then we had 9-11, then later on we had katrina. i don't remember people feeling sorry for george w. bush, with all due respect to evan bayh. it would have been nice to hear this a year ago. not now. >> gretchen: let's continue the
8:10 am
conversation about the president because now he'll stump for richard blumenthal, running for senate in connecticut. this is the guy who is attorney general there, a long-time politician there, the same guy who lied about his war record in vietnam. now you have the president coming to stump for him. the latest polls this morning have linda mcmahon, the republican, inching her way closer. at one point she was down 25 points. she's now down only 6. look at this poll. >> this is great. this is my home state, so i love this story. linda mcmahon wasn't someone i supported, first of all. i supported the other republican in the primary. she has an enormous amount of money. she's thrown it into a huge media campaign. blumenthal is like a toothache, okay? obama comes in and sees if this race goes down, similar to the delaware race, if this goes down for the republicans, they're going to lose control of the senate. they know that. obama has to go into help blumenthal. i say keep your eyes on linda mcmahon. she might not have been all the
8:11 am
conservative favorite, but she's a force to be reckoned with, just because she has a huge money advantage. >> brian: and laura, on top of that is when the president goes in there, if he loses this one, he's really going to be in trouble. i would not, if i wanted him to mess up my baseball card and be 0-4. let's talk about what michelle obama is doing. lecturing restaurants. >> well, yeah. you and i, brian, have talked about this now for about a year. my old friend, bill o'reilly and i have gone around the block about this. well, it's michelle, does she have political ambitions? is she really going to be out there on policy? the answer to that is yes. i wrote about it in my book. it came true. in fact, she used the antiobesity initiative and the garden as a platform to inject herself into all sorts of things. i think most of us will say, do restaurants really today need one more condemning politician coming along and heaping more regulations on them?
8:12 am
i don't think so. >> gretchen: you don't have a problem with the first lady becoming involved in initiatives? that's sort of become the trend over the last 30, 40, 50 years. what you have a problem with is the initiative she's chosen? >> no. she's gone way beyond what nancy reagan or laura bush ever did, not only with the vacations, but going to congress and demanding billions for the child nutrition initiative, which is more of a federal boondoggle than we have time to get into. but she's going out on the campaign trail, campaigning for specific candidates, gretchen, and look back to what laura bush did. she did a little bit here and there, but she did not start lecturing congress and demanding from congress that billions of dollars be spent, especially at a time where we're suffering under such economic difficulties already. i think this is a bad play for michelle obama. her popularity is already going down. expect it to go down more if she continues this. >> peter: check, please. check out laura ingraham's latest book, number one best
8:13 am
seller "the obama diaries" and more on fox >> thanks. >> brian: coming up, you may no longer be able to keep your thoughts to yourself. mind reading has become a reality. >> gretchen: the reason for extremist, the imam behind the mosque near ground zero says it's because america makes it hard for muslims to fit in. we talked to a muslim community organizer next to get his thoughts. >> brian: community organizer?
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> peter: this guy right here has a theory about the way muslims are treated in america. here is what he had to say yesterday at this time at the council on foreign relations. >> the challenge of fitting in is often made more difficult by rejection. other groups and faiths have found themselves targets of such
8:17 am
prejudice. jews and catholics, irish and italians, blacks and hispanics. in time, each group has overcome these challenges and our core values have been affirmed. we must overcome. we shall overcome. now it is our turn as muslims to drink from this cup. >> peter: joining us now with reaction is the vice president of the islamic organization, muslim community. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. how are you? >> peter: fine, thanks. i understand you looked at this man's comments yesterday and you thought after he said all of that stuff, talking about outreach and everything else, at the end he would say, we have decided to move the mosque. and he didn't. >> i was expecting that he will, after using these good words he would say that now we have decided to move the location of the mosque. but what he said in this talk,
8:18 am
as if muslims have not yet drunk any drop in the last 50, 60 years. and i beg to differ with him. if you compare the situation of muslims in the united states and other countries, especially in europe, we are much ahead of them and we had freedom of religion and freedom that we have built after 2,000 mosques in this great country. so perhaps he wants to give this impression that we are now to start drinking from this cup and i don't think he's right. >> peter: in watching what he has said, there have been a lot of public comments that have drawn a lot of ire, do you feel essentially his message is, there are a majority in this country. i don't care what they think? >> he should have given this message to the american public that we don't want to build a house of god by hurting the feelings of millions of people.
8:19 am
if the majority of americans are against it, he can, without any problem, move the location and the mosque which will be built a few blocks away from there, it's going to be a mosque, a house of god, and he can do whatever he wants to do with that mosque. >> peter: all right. interesting conversation. we should point out that your organization is behind the muslims for loyalty billboards that have been seen across the country. we thank you very much for your perspective. >> thank you. >> peter: meanwhile, changing gears, straight ahead, sea world under attack, former trainers say the park's new safety solutions probably won't prevent another deadly killer whale attack. that story straight ahead. and apparently communism simply doesn't pay. literally. why after decades of socialism, cuba is being forced to lay off government employees. oh, oh it's backfiring.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> brian: 9-11 dispatcher in minnesota caught sleeping on the job and it's not the first time. co-workers say this has been an ongoing problem since february of this year. the county says they are investigating. will they put somebody else on it? cuba's unemployment rate about to skyrocket. laying off 500,000 state employees by march. you kidding? they're hoping to expand private employment. talk about abrupt. >> gretchen: let's talk about this. sea world facing heat now for a safety measure that's developing after one of its trainers was dragged to her death by that killer whale. the water park says its device dubbed fair air will allow its trainers to breathe under water if pulled under. >> brian: but former sea world trainer says the new safety measure won't stop trainers from dying. samantha, why, in your mind, doesn't this help?
8:24 am
>> good morning, brian. the reason this doesn't help is because most of the incidents with killer whales are pretty violent. so if you go to you tube and watch any of the instances with the killer whales, you'll notice trainers are getting pummeled, rammed, they're getting smashed. they're getting dragged under water. they're coming back up and spare air is totally impractical in this situation. it wouldn't save anybody's life. >> gretchen: we're looking at these pictures of the trainer, dawn brancheau, killed at sea world when a killer whale killed her and nobody could help her. what you're saying is that this new device would not have helped dawn in her situation? >> exactly. dawn wasn't even in the water with tilley until he grabbed her and pulled her in. there is no way, even if she had access to spare air, i believe a trainer had attempted to throw something in the water to her, she would have had no way to get access to that. just again, the violence of what happens when a killer whale
8:25 am
tries to attack a trainer, they pull you down, lift you back up, they pull you down and lift you back up and because of the depth of the water, if the trains was to take a breath and brought to the surface quickly, they would be at risk of death from lung overexpansion. also spare air gives a whale something else to grab. >> brian: are you essentially saying or concluding that maybe we should not be messing with killer whales, stop the show? >> exactly. they're really, at this point, there is no way to guarantee a trainer's safety at this point. really the trainer should not be getting in the water with the whales. >> gretchen: here is a statement from sea world. i will stress that the concept of on board emergency air for our trainers is just that, a concept. we are very early in r and d and not deploy any system until we feel it can make things safer our our trainers. our trainers have been out of the water since february 24 and will not return until we're satisfied that doing so is as safe as possible, from fred
8:26 am
jacobs. it's not just you, is it? a group of trainers believe that for the safety of all trainers, they shouldn't go back in. >> that's correct. it's historic. there is about six people right now that are willing to speak out against sea world and that's unprecedented. nobody has ever come forward at this point and i'm hoping that because i'm speaking now, there will be other trainers that come forward who have witnessed incidents in the past. there is a list of over 50 incidents on the internet right now. those are only the incidents between trainers and killer whales that have been reported. there is plenty more not reported. there is no way that sea world can guarantee safety between the trainers and killer whales and the trainers really do not -- should never be going in the water with the killer whales again. >> gretchen: wow. the balancele between dollars and consumers and the safety of the trainers. samantha, a former sea world trainer herself, thank you for being our guest. >> thank you very much. >> brian: at one point we did our show from sea world. they're unbelievably professional.
8:27 am
but if being with the killer whale is too dangerous, we'll see. the man charged with stabbing a muslim cab driver says it's not his fault because he suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder. can he do that while covering a war? >> gretchen: what does bill o'reilly feel about extending tax cuts for the rich? he has a lot of money. he joins us. that wasn't in the prompter, bill, sorry. he joins us live after the break. don't call me a pinhead tonight. all right. >> brian: then the reporter who claims she was harassed for being too pretty. wait until you hear what she's saying now.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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8:31 am
>> peter: we've got a fox news alert. moments ago we learned that american hiker sarah shourd detained in iran, has been freed. she has been in prison for more than a year, amy kellogg has been following this story and joins us now from our london bureau. what do we know? >> it's hard to get all of the details. we know she has just been released. we spoke to her lawyer a few moments ago. he said that he was in a car with sarah shourd. they were on their way from tehran prison. this happened this morning. we've been waiting for this release for a few days.
8:32 am
iran's judiciary said they would release her on $500,000 bail. but she was going to be released, unlike the other two because she had medical conditions. then there was an announcement on press tv, which is run by the revolutionary guard, that it's an english language station broadcast around the world. here is what they had to say. >> breaking news we have coming in right now in regards, one of the three american citizens who were detained in iran and that one has been freed and that is sarah shourd. >> it's not clear whether this entire bail, $500,000 was paid, what the news agency is saying, and that's close to president ahmadinejab, is that a bank letter of guarantee was produced. so whether money has been paid or money guaranteed, we're not sure. but we understand that right now sarah shourd is on her way to the swiss embassy because there is no u.s. embassy in iran. so american interests are looked after there and we'll be waiting
8:33 am
further details with her departure. >> peter: the good news is she's out. we thank you fort live report. >> gretchen: another big story, primary day in seven states and washington, d.c up with of the most closely watched races is the republican senate primary in delaware. tea party favorite christine o'donnell is taking on mike castle. our reporter is live in wilmington, delaware for us where last hour she interviewed christine o'donnell. >> good morning to you guys. delaware, a small state, but certainly this republican senate primary huge, mike castle not expected to vote until about 10:00 o'clock this morning. christine o'donnell did vote at about 7:45 this morning here at wilmington high school. both candidates have a dozen polling places that they plan on covering today. not many people expected this race to be as close as it is. tea party, we know has backed christine o'donnell. she picked up an endorsement from sarah palin, who announced on takes book that she would
8:34 am
throw her support hyped her. jim demint announced on twitter that he would back o'donnell. o'donnell, the lesser known, not as much money, going up against mike castle, a long-time state representative and former governor. let's listen to what they both had to say about this race. >> i thank the delaware voters because as i've gone up and down the state, i've shared with them, i've struggled, i've been there. i can relate to what they're going through and that's why i want to go to washington and propose solutions that help the average american. >> other republicans have serious questions about her and i think the democrats have serious -- very serious questions about her, which means in a general election, she has virtually no chance. >> back here live, a new poll just out from an organization called the public policy polling has o'donnell in the lead with 47% to castle's 44%. another poll by rasmussen showing that should mike castle get the republican nomination that he would be the one to likely defeat the democratic candidate in the general
8:35 am
election. so we're watching the primaries all the way down. those negative ads, which you've already seen start to run, very negative in this race. we'll continue watching it. back to you in the studio. >> gretchen: thanks very much for that update. >> peter: we got more political headlines. new video now of congressman charlie rangel vote not guilty today's new york primary. the democrat, who is facing a number of ethics charges, is also facing several challengers, but mr. rangel is confident he's going to win. >> constituents decide who they want to represent them in the house of representatives. i'm hopeful and i'm very positive that i will be returning to help the president, the congress, and my congressional district. >> peter: rangel's most prominent challenger is adam clanton powell iv, the son of the challenger rangel beat many years ago. >> brian: the college student accused of stabbing a muslim cab
8:36 am
driver claims he's suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. the lawyer for him says he suffers from it after traveling to afghanistan to film a documentary. he also said he could get treatment for alcoholism if he's allowed out on $250,000 bail. >> gretchen: you may not be able to keep your socks to yourself universities say they converted brain waves or thoughts into words. i'm not sure why you're in shock right now. >> brian: i don't know. >> gretchen: 'cause we're going to talk about your brain maybe? >> brian: 'cause we can see how much progress they made. >> gretchen: they placed diodes on the head. let's see if that works. >> brian: if we can spell the rest of the word. >> gretchen: here is what i'm thinking. >> peter: bill o'reilly is the host of the o'reilley factor.
8:37 am
somebody booked him on this show today to talk about -- hey bill, when i'm looking at the "new york times" today. it's a big ad for his brand-new book that comes out today "pinheads and patriots, where you stand in the age of obama." we've also got the book right here. i've god to ask you the obvious question. the book is called "pinheads and patriots." >> correct. >> peter: on the cover you've got barak obama and you. conventional wisdom would be one would be a pinhead and one would be a patriot and since you wrote the book, you would make yourself a patriot. >> it's conventional wisdom. when have i been conventional? you read the book and decide who is a pin head and who is a pate y. that's the way the back is set up. >> gretchen: we've got to pick your brain. >> shouldn't you know already what i'm thinking because of that stupid pumpkin thing. worst piece i've ever seen. >> gretchen: one thing i know for sure about bill o'reilly,
8:38 am
there is going be no pumpkin latte going down your throat. >> peter: a gallon of gas. >> # dollars for that. >> gretchen: let's talk about the mosque. last night you exposed that the imam has a friend that believes 9-11 was an inside job. >> i don't have anything against the imam but it's totally inappropriate to build a mosque two blocks away from ground zero. if you don't know that, then i can't help you because 9-11 families are still grieving and muslim fanatics killed their loved ones. that's the truth. so now we find out that imam rauf, who may be he's a good guy, i don't know. he hangs around with a guy who says, hey, al-qaeda didn't do that. al-qaeda didn't do 9-11. it was an inside job. the united states government did it. so here is rauf going around going, you know, i'm a peaceful guy. all i want is peace. i want to bring people together. and he's hanging around and founded an organization with this guy who says al-qaeda
8:39 am
didn't do it. the u.s. government did it. does that make sense to anyone? so that all the people who had suspicions about this, all the millions of americans, really the people who have the common sense go, there something that doesn't add up here. you are right. it doesn't add up. these guys are not on the up and up. there is something going on underneath it. and that's it. table this thing. bloomberg, obama, all the liberal media, you're all wrong. >> gretchen: the mayor said he didn't care where the funding came from. does he care now? >> i don't know. we call rauf and cannes, they ran and hid. what does that tell you? if rauf is on every show in the world, and then all of a sudden a simple question, zoom, he goes hide. what does that tell you, mayor bloomberg? there is something not right with this so let's knock it off. it's not going to happen. >> brian: kahn founded --
8:40 am
>> he founded it with rauf. >> brian: here is you moments ago on another channel talking with george stephanopoulos. let's see how the question went down. >> there is no evidence that rauf believes anything like that. >> it doesn't matter. it's his pal. it's his pal. he formed the muslim organization with him and the guy kahn has been talking down at the burlington coat factory building. i don't know whether he got a free suit. but this guy kahn says al-qaeda didn't do it. and rauf goes in and says, look, i'm a man of peace. he may be, but who are you hanging around with? then when we ask rauf for a comment, he runs and hides. >> peter: we had a community organizer from the muslim community on about ten minutes ago and he listened to rauf yesterday talk at the council for foreign relations. he thought at the end, after talking about outreach and we're listening to people, he'd say we decided to move the mosque. it doesn't sound like he's anywhere close to that. >> well, look, they will move the mosque. >> peter: i think you're right. >> it's impossible now. that's it. it's over.
8:41 am
and all of these people who made it a freedom of speech issue, which it really wasn't. there is nobody saying they don't have the right to do it. but there is something wrong. see, the right to do it, but there is something wrong with it. >> peter: why don't they is a see the writing on the wall? >> because they don't care. now, explain to all of these pinhead, and i'm including bloomberg and obama, a pinhead on this issue, you tell me if you're comfortable with imam rauf and assistant imam kahn, you're comfortable with those guys running a place two blocks away from ground zero? are you or are you not? yes or no? >> gretchen: we'll see if they answer that question, if they come on your show. >> they won't, though. >> gretchen: they are answering questions about the tax cuts and i want to get your thoughts on this. >> a guy who has a lot of money? is that who you want? >> gretchen: well, it was true, but it was in the teleprompter. >> she dresses like she's in the ghetto. >> gretchen: i worked my way up.
8:42 am
>> that hair cost more than my car. >> gretchen: trust me, if i had million dollars hair, it would look different than this. but anyway, let's get to the tax cuts because there seems to be a disconnect within the republican party now. john boehner -- or did he not, i know, okay. >> why? why don't you drive a nail through my hand. i hate this party politics bologna because they don't look out for the folks, either party. they're just doing a little chess game. i know what they have to do. i know the game they play. >> gretchen: what is it? >> the game is try to put our guys on the higher level, that we're the real ones who have the solutions. look, the folks are smart enough to make up their own mind. the best thing to do would be keep the tax rates the way they are so that more money starts to circulate into the economy. once you start to tax the rich, then there are some rich people going, you know, i'm not gog spend as much money. everybody now is very cautious and not spending money. in order to get out of this recession, people have to start to spend money. not the federal government.
8:43 am
the regular people. so look, that's my position on it. what boehner does, i just think he makes a statement from a tanning bed, doesn't he? >> gretchen: oh, oh. >> brian: were you offended by that carlson? >> gretchen: yeah. >> peter: a little jealous of him. >> the guy has a tan in december. how does that happen? he lives in ohio! tell me how that happens. >> brian: it's wind burn and he golfs a lot. >> wind burn, there you go. >> brian: straight ahead, more with bill o'reilly. he talks about his book, including this, have you seen this video in a special edition of "pinheads and patriots" next. >> peter: then nancy brinking joins us live. how she used her own personal tragedy, the loss of her sister, susan g. komen, to spire a world wide movement to fight cancer. more in two minutes.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> peter: that's ray stevens singing "god save arizona." mr. bill o'reilly ran this on his show. >> i like ray. he had the arab. remember that song? he entertained a lot of people. just for the entertainment value he's a patriot. >> brian: begin pinhead. >> somebody who is not thinking quite clearly. if you really want to get down to it. that their head is too small, the brain is too small to really process what's happening. but the interesting thing about pinheads and patriots, where you stand in the age of obama is that you can be a pinhead and a patriot on different issues. you're not designated one for life. i've been a pinhead sometimes. i'll admit it. >> peter: we know. >> you point it out 'cause
8:48 am
you're so jealous. but jealousy is a pinheaded trait, by the way. i take you through basically the obama administration because he's the star of the book. but there are a lot of other people who i say pinhead, patriot, and one of the fun chapters is i go through histories and presidents and movie stars and eye condition asks designate them and tell them things you didn't know about them. >> gretchen: the subtitle is what's important. >> what an astute -- in the blink of 30 seconds, she turned it around. where you stand in the age of obama. >> gretchen: that's about where each of us stands. we were talking in the break that these things are changing every single day. >> president obama is the most ideological president in the history of the republic. never a president asialcal as president obama and his decision making and the way he's governing influences every single american's life. but a lot of people don't know that. that's why i want them to read the book. >> brian: the most polarizing
8:49 am
since lincoln? >> yeah. i would say that. absolutely. because he sold you a moderate approach in the campaign and then he's governing way to the left. so that's why the independents are going, wait a minute. i didn't buy this. this is not what i was buying. it's like when you go to the grocery start you buy milk and it's scotch. whoa. what happened there? >> peter: check it out, you can buy it today. bill o'reilly's new book, brian, you can download it on your kindle tonight. >> brian: bill doesn't give us enough money for that. >> you can download it. i get paid no matter what. >> peter: i read all your books and you're a great writer. >> thank you. >> brian: at that great chapter on tony show. >> peter: thank you. we will be watching tonight at 8 eastern. >> peter: i'll be watching at 9. >> you're a pinhead. that's why. >> only 13 years. you want to know what a pinhead
8:50 am
is? can i get doocy on the cover? sometimes your show writes itself. >> gretchen: 8:00 p.m. eastern. >> thank you! >> gretchen: coming up, nancy brinker on how she inspired a world wide movement. >> brian: let's check in with bill hemmer who knows that bill o'reilly is on at 8:00 o'clock. >> fun stuff. good morning to all four of you. there is brand-new fox polling on the critical race this is fall. this is just in. you'll see them first here. primary races, seven different states today. what will they tell us about how you're thinking and feeling about america? we'll check in on that. the imam behind the mosque near ground zero says it's not hallowed ground. we'll look closer at his comments and another angle of the fire bomb in california. we'll talk to the man who owns the camera.
8:51 am
we'll see you in ten minutes on a very busy tuesday. top of the hour.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> peter: after watching her sister battle breast carry, then surviving it herself, our next guest is devoting her life to finding a cure. the susan g. komen for a cure foundation is now the world's largest nonprofit organization dedicated to the fight against breast cancer. >> gretchen: joining us is the foundation ceo and founder ambassador nancy brinker and author of the book "promise me, how a sister's love launched the global movement to end breast cancer." so great to have you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: you have done so much amaze work in this fight for the last 25 years. now you're putting it all in a book to honor your sister. >> people know the name, but didn't know the person behind it. i wanted them to know my sister. she died over 30 years ago.
8:55 am
as a young woman, knowing she was dying, this is what she asked me to do in her last moments, and to make her dream come true about eradicating the disease. i wanted people to know that story. it's a memoir, it's sad, it's happy, it's all that's happened in my life since then and our lives. been a lot of poignant stories in the history of cancer. >> peter: promise me that you will tell this story? >> no, you will promise me with the promise i made to her when she was dying. she said, promise me that you'll help me in this disease. so i did. i said, even if it takes me the rest of my life, it has taken me the rest of my life. >> gretchen: your tirelessly working on this for so long. where have we come to? >> when we started this organization five-year survival rate for very early breast cancer was 74%. today was it's 98% in america. i'm really defense by the end of the decade and we will lead the way, we'll have a lot more targeted therapies to approach and help people with advanced breast cancer to live longer
8:56 am
lives. we're moving to make this a chronic disease in a short-term. long-term we're learning how to prevent it. >> peter: this is not thee rotcal. you not only lost your sister, you had breast cancer. >> right. and joined the 2 1/2 million breast cancer survivors in america. still 200,000 women and men are being diagnosed every year and every 69 seconds, someone dies from breast cancer around the world. >> gretchen: a huge disease. >> and a major killer of women. >> gretchen: if you stick around, we want to continue our discussion with ambassador brinker right after this. more "fox & friends" two minutes away.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> brian: thank you for watching. if you have to run from tv, run to the radio. governor pataki on kilmeade and friends. the great gretchen carlson will join us in the final hour. all from 9:00 o'clock to noon. >> gretchen: looking forward to that. we'll continue our discussion with ambassador nancy brinker in our after the show show today. she's written

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